Our aims and aspirations,
how we started:

I’ve always had a passion for growing plants. I remember when I was a young boy, I used to grow plants in pots in my mother’s balcony. As I grew older so did my passion. Apart
from this, I became more aware of what I eat. This made me want to grow my own food, as I knew that farmers use chemicals and pesticides to grow their crops which have a number of hazards on our health. Apart from harming us, chemicals and pesticides also harm the bio-system. On the contrary, biodiversity is an important aspect of organic farming and this is something that really intrigues me. The fact that all the little insects and the birds aid in the growth of crops is fascinating.

About 5 years ago, I asked my grandfather whether I could grow my own food on his land and so I started planting my crops. During this time I learnt a lot about organic farming, I understood that pests and diseases, especially in summer are more difficult to control without chemicals and pesticides. These struggles helped me to continue my research and try new methods to control pests without the use of pesticides. Gradually, I was getting there.

I learnt a lot of things that consequently, made other things simpler. Once I started to use a good crop rotation system and companion planting I saw a big difference and I noticed that nature takes care of the pests by itself, given that the methods used are in accordance with
nature. As things started to grow well, I used to have some extra produce and I used to give it to
my friends and family.

They all noticed the difference in the taste of the vegetables I was growing and I was encouraged to start farming as my job. I decided to do this on a full time basis as this job is also my passion. This was not easy as there are certain challenges which a farmer cannot overcome since the growth of plants depends mainly on natural elements as is the weather. Different seasons bring different challenges which farmers face. Strong winds might cause the crops to break, the heat might burn the products, heavy rain could also harm plants and it can also kill them sometimes.

However, being a farmer, does not only offer challenges but it is also a very satisfying job. Being a farmer means that one gets to experience at first hand how amazing nature and the bio-system is. Nature takes care of everything. The fact that caterpillars are eaten by the birds when there is an infestation is like having the birds taking care of the cabbages. Lady bugs eat aphids and so the list goes on.

Nowadays Green Thumb Farm is a group of people with the same aim – to grow plants which carry as much minerals and vitamins as possible as bio-diversity and the natural resources are used to the benefit of sustaining the plant. All products from Green Thumb farm are grown pesticide free. This means that the natural resources are used for the plants’ benefit. Green Thumb Farm produces a good number of microgreens.